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What You'll Learn:

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    Course Segments

    • 1 - Introduction: How Google Ads Changed My Life (1:53)

    • 2 - Outline: What You'll Learn & Why (0:40)

    • 3 - Why Advertise On Google? (0:44 )

    • 4 - Which Is Better: Google, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok? (1:00)

    • 5 - Where Should I Advertise First? (0:42)

    • 6 - Will Google Ads Help My SEO (1:23)

    • 7 - How Much Do Google Ads Cost? (1:18)

    • 8 - Pitfalls You Need To Know & Avoid (4:41)

    • 9 - Different Ad Types & Which To Use (3:15)

    • 10 - How To Choose The Right Keywords (6:46)

    • 11 - How To Write An Ad That Converts (4:01)

    • 12 - Campaign Data: How To Track Conversions & Get More Results (7:21)

    • 13 - How To Get Help (1:41)

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5 star rating

Great Info!

Paula Farish

So much great info here! Very helpful breakdown on Google ads.

So much great info here! Very helpful breakdown on Google ads.

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Teaching Member:

President, The I Do Society

Mark Chapman

Mark began his journey as a wedding professional in 2006. He went through all the ups & downs of trying to grow a wedding business for several years. Along the way he discovered an excitement and skill for advertising. In 2010 he began to help others build campaigns and generate leads... and before he knew it, an agency was born! Since then he has dedicated his career to helping other wedding professionals get the most out of their advertising efforts. He teaches advertising at industry conferences multiple times a year, constantly stays ahead of the curve and leads his team in helping hundreds of wedding industry businesses across the nation.