What You'll Learn:

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    Interview Video Segments

    • 1 - What you need to know before setting goals (3:26)

    • 2 - Setting the right number and type of goals (3:22)

    • 3 - Fail-safe process for coming up with goals (7:54)

    • 4 - Identifying and prioritizing goals (5:16)

    • 5 - Make your goals SMART (4:18)

    • 6 - Follow this proven 3-step plan to achieve your goals (8:12)

    • 7 - Does goal setting really work? (3:51)

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    Key Takeaways: Achieving Success through Goal Setting

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Expert Interview with:

Founder, Simple Rules Consulting

Robb Kempken

Robb has spent his career helping businesses thrive by identifying opportunities to grow their revenue and manage change. While he's worked with companies of all types and sizes, he is passionate about helping creative and hard-working small business owners gain the business skills they need to succeed in this ever changing world. Robb has an MBA in strategy and marketing from UCLA Anderson.